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Walking away from Grad School

January 21, 2013 5 comments

Palm TreeHave you ever been so sure of a decision that you’d bet your whole net worth on it?

Exactly two years ago, I decided to make a move that has drastically improved my life, even though at the time, everyone told me not to do it.

So let me tell you a story about how I quit graduate school and got a great job, and a new outlook on life.

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What will you still own a decade later?

January 18, 2013 5 comments

Board Games

I’ve got a challenge for you.  Look around your room and think about what possessions you will still own 10 years form now.

It seems like a relatively easy task, since those of us who consider ourselves frugal always try to buy consumer goods that are built to last the long haul.

The answer to this question may surprise you.  I know it was a shock to me.  Most of my possessions probably wont be here in 10 years.  This is a really useful strategy when shopping.  Ask yourself, is this going to be around in a decade?

It’s worth paying attention to those items that will last a decade.  So here’s what I found.

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An Actual Recipe for Grandeur

January 7, 2013 14 comments


They say we only use about 10% of our brain.  Have you ever wondered what might happen if you could access 100%?  What if you had a plan attain Financial Independence in your 30’s?

Limitless was a semi-successful thriller about a guy who finds a drug that allows him to learn instantly and recall anything he’s ever seen whenever he needs it.  Turns out, he’s able to do some incredible shit and eventually runs for president to try to save the world…

Most people tell me that I’m nuts when I talk about my goal of retiring in my 30’s (I’m 24 now).  They tell me they didn’t do it, they’ve never seen anyone do it, and therefor, it can’t be done.  I believe the possibilities are truly limitless when I set my mind to something.  So here is how I’m going to do it.

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Setting crazily-optimistic goals

December 17, 2012 12 comments


I’m often reminded of the parallels between running and building wealth when I’m out on a cold morning jog.  They both come down to learning how to work hard, setting goals, and sticking to a plan.  A recent post by Mrs. PoP on this subject motivated me to write this piece about the importance of crazily-optimistic goals.

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Is my leisure time worth $40/hr?

December 5, 2012 4 comments

In 2011 my net worth was increasing at about $600/mo like clockwork.  I had a good job, and I was spending most of what I made, and saving just a little each month.  See my cash analysis for more details.

Since January 2012, I began learning more about my cash, I started spending, saving it, and investing it more wisely.  At the end of 2012, I now have $14,400 more than I would have otherwise.  Thus the time I spent learning about my cash was worth at least $40/hr.

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The Keys to Success: Uncommon Modesty

November 19, 2012 4 comments


So my absolute favorite blogger on the whole internet wrote an entire post about my personal financial rebellion.  Mr. Money Mustache published my “case study” after I sent him an email a few months back thanking him for the impact that he’s had on my life.  (you should read it)

It got me thinking about extreme modesty as a liability as well as an asset.  Which is certainly a difficult topic to write about while still staying modest…

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Motivated by long term gratification

November 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Hot Chocolate 15K

So today I ran an extremely well organized race called the Hot Chocolate 15K (you get a bunch of chocolate at the end).  It was a great course through downtown Chicago and the weather was 38 degrees and sunny (perfect!).  I enjoy  running long distances because I get a long while alone with my thoughts.  So I got to thinking about my motivation and the motivation of the 40,000 folks around me.  I don’t think I’m motivated by the same things as other people…

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