About the Cash Rebel

Mission Statement:

This is a blog about the personal finance journey of a 24 yr old professional who’s trying to figure it all out.  My goal is to make, spend, save, and invest money intelligently.  Beyond that, I’m sqeezing out all the fun life has to offer.

So That’s me:

That's me

And here’s some stuff I love:

  • The Great outdoors
  • Exercising and running endurance races
  • Math and statistics
  • Protecting he environment
  • Reading non-fiction
  • Cooking scrumptious food
  • Math again

Here’s where I live: Chicago

My City

And here’s what I do to earn money, for now:

  • I’m an engineer who’s concerned about the environment
  • I work in corporate sustainability at a giant company

And here’s my back-story: 

After a year or so of making real money, I started questioning the conventional financial wisdom.  I started trusting no one’s opinion but my own after rigorous research.  By exploring other personal finance blogs, I’ve discovered that I’m not alone.  There are some other sane people who relate to money rationally.

This blog is meant to chronical my journey towards financial intelligence.  I’m not saying it will be easy, but I believe that using my cash responsibly is a worthwhile pursuit.    I will take nothing for granted, and attempt to understand the inner workings of what I do with my cash.  Once I have my financial house in order, the possibilities are limitless.

By no means am I a financial professional (For real, don’t take my advice because I’m a not an expert).  I enjoy sharing my story, so if you’d like to ask questions, comment on anything I write, or offer suggestions, please do.

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