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Honesty in Advertising – Choose to do great things

So I bought a beautiful wooden desk today on craigslist for $25, but that’s not what this post is about.  While I was on my way to go pick up my new furniture, I turned on the classic rock station to do some red-light air guitaring.


I did rock out to a few classics, but then the commercials started!  I typically just listen to NPR, so I never have to deal with sneaky commercials.  But this time, they came through my speakers before I realized what was happening.

Honesty in Advertising

I’m paraphrasing, but here’s the gist of the commercial.  “America has a tradition of industrious,  hardworking citizens who make the world move forward!  Because of their effort, you are able to sit around watching TV and movies (if you buy our service…).  Let other Americans put a rover on Mars and cure cancer.  You should lounge in your sweat pants and watch more commercials!”

This is one of the most honest and straight-forward commercials I have heard in a long time.

Typically, every aspect of advertising is meant to emotionally manipulate us, to make us think that we absolutely need whatever product the company is pedaling.

For the most part, today’s advertising agencies are AWESOME at this, so their’s a fair amount of straight-up lies coming out of their mouths.  It’s refreshing to hear them give you such a straight-forward choice.

The Choice

You can totally choose that you want to be just like the average American.  You can spend 2.8 hrs/day watching mind-numbing TV, or you spend your time doing something meaningful.

The Americans that got a rover on Mars, or are working to cure cancer right now made this choice a long time ago.  They chose to engage their minds in something infinitely more profitable than movies and reality TV.

If you walk into your local library and pick up a book on virtually any subject, it’s probably more likely to improve your life than watching more TV.

Now it’s your turn

A lot of the time, advertising works because it’s sneaky.  This ad works because we are lazy.  Why not choose to read for 2.8 hrs/day instead of watching TV?  Why not choose to learn more?  Why not choose to do great things?

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