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Mobile Banking – why did it take you so long?

So I just saw a BOA commercial that touted their cool new mobile services.  You can transfer money between accounts with your smart phone.  You can take a picture of your check and deposit it on the go!  According to the commercial, it’s the newest thing since the Iphone 5!!!

Here’s my question to BOA, why did it take you so long?  I remember seeing Chase ads for their mobile deposit app over a year ago.  Then US Bank did it.  Maybe it’s just because I grew up with technology, but I think BOA should be apologizing to its customers that it took them this long to add a service that is standard at other banks.

Now I’m not a BOA customer, so this is no tirade against how they treated me, I just they should focus their advertising on new things.  Actually, Besides these ads, I think BOA has some of the best banking commercials on TV.  The thought of reinvesting in the local community always sounds nice, whether or not there’s any shred of truth to it…

Anyway, I do love that the large national banks have all created mobile deposit apps, because I use them all the time.  I know there is a $.50 deposit fee, but immediate access to the funds and not having to make my way to a bank’s brick and mortar location make it worth it for me.

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